About the 🧡 CRPS category


The category called CRPS is for discussions about traveling as relates to Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

This category’s discussions are lead by Nurse Beth who is a volunteer with (RSDSA), an international non-profit organization dedicated to provide support, education and hope to all those affected by the pain and disability of CRPS/RSD. RSDSA is also are involved in medical research for improving treatments and finding a cure.

accessibleGO welcomes Nurse Beth to lead the CRPS travel category because of her deep knowledge and personal experience with CRPS.

Beth, Registered Nurse, volunteer at RSDSA
Jim Broatch, RSDSA Executive Director, VP


News and Updates on accessibleGO (Febraury 2019)!

Its my pleasure to be welcomed to Accessible Go on behalf of RSDSA organization (www.rsds.org) as well as the CRPS community, “aka RSD”, as a 12 year Warrior.

Despite being a nurse, it took me 8 years to be able to travel at all, but with a lot of work, perseverance, education, and research, have been able to learn what works best to be able to manage day to day. Hope to be of assistance to others.