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Do you have great ideas on how we can improve accessibleGO.com?

Whether it’s about this community forum, the hotel bookings, the travel articles, or anything at all on accessibleGO. We value your feedback!

Kindly leave your feedback and ideas here.

– accessibleGO Staff

We’re a growing community of travelers with a focus on disability access and related subjects.

How can we make this travel forum even better? :thinking:


First suggestion: make your site way more friendly to people with low vision by putting increase/decrease font size buttons on every page and deepen some of your colors please. No criticism intended, but as someone legally blind, etc. Im having horrible difficulty reading the text due to size and low contrast. Mind you, the site is very nice looking.
Second suggestion: make clickable buttons for maneuvering easier to spot and use. I don’t care if you do this type of things in individual site settings or globally. I just want to be able to maneuver and see posts.
Thank you for putting such a great site together and being willing to listen to feedback - brilliant idea and it is desperately needed. If it works, it will be an invaluable tool

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Hi @alchemygrrl. Thank you so much for the awesome feedback! I’ve passed on your comments to our lead developer. Would it be ok with you if we reach out to you by email for more details on your feedback?


What is external_id in the profile page? It won’t let me update my profile without that.


Thanks for asking, @aewgliriel. The “external_id” field on your profile is just a field that our IT team is not using at the moment. It realates to linking accessibleGO’s forum to social media profiles, which we don’t do right now.