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part of the problem we have had…is we book on the web sites stating we needed wheelchair accessible room. We get to the hotels and the bathroom is patial accessible. the Bed is too high to transfer him from chair to bed… When we had traveled in July — first hotel was a Holiday Inn off of I-65 we booked what the web said was a total accessible room. The Bathroom was accessible …but the room itself which should of been a Suite was cramped and hard to move a wheel chair around. I was told that was the only room available for wheelchair user. it was in Kentucky just north of the TN border.

The second hotel we state at was a Fairfield :Inns and Suite. – The one small issue we had was the height of the bed. It was lower than our frist hotel stay at Holiday inn. The shower was not usable since it was part of a tub. we needed a roll in shower. However — highly recommend this place. pet friendly and the staff was awesome.

On the way home we stopped in Knoxville off of i-75 the hotel we reserved a all accessible room. However the Clerk — changed it to a regular room before we got there stating that people tend to book these room without actually needing them. It was three rooms before we actually got a room I could move his wheelchair around in. still Cramped.

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I always respect those hotels that take care of people with disabilities. It’s very important for them to feel equal. My friend told me a story. They traveled to Australia with his disabled brother. It’s usually very hard to find a near me hotel which is suitable for disabled people, but they managed. It was his first trip to Australia, and I think he was happy. It was the first time he saw a koala, and you know how cute they are. I think this trip has given him a lot of positive emotions, so he’ll never forget it.