Accessibility guidance for a trip to Norway and Denmark

From a community member:

Hi. I hope this is the appropriate place to ask a question about accessible travel options for Norway and Denmark. I’ve already booked a cruise but in trying to book excursions I have found them to be limited or totally non-existent. I will be going in May and stopping in Oslo, Copenhagen, Kristiansand and Skagen. I use an electric wheelchair full time but am able to transfer without difficulty. I’m traveling with a friend who is not handicapped so would be able to drive a wheelchair accessible van, for example, if that was needed. Can you offer any advice or perhaps know how I could rent an accessible van or book accessible tours in any of these places?

Thanks so much for any help you can give.


I have been involved in accessible tourism in Europe for many years.
If you use a power wheelchair you still need a van, although you can move into the seat of a car because a power wheelchair cannot fit in a car.
Renting an accessible van without a driver for a few hours is generally not possible, accessible van rental companies are few, with few vans available so would not accept such a short rental.
You would also find yourself in an unknown city and would spend a lot of time on orientation instead of sightseeing.
Renting an accessible van with a driver is definitely possible in Oslo and Copenhagen, perhaps in Kristiansand and perhaps in Skagen.
If you give me the dates and hours of arrival/departure of the ship from each port I can check the availability of accessible vans and give you the price of the tours.
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We used To arrange wheelchair tours in Norway when we took a fjord cruise in May. They were wonderful to work with.

We used “Tours by Locals”" to find guides with experience in wheelchair accessible tours. You will have to email each potential guide to get their experience.