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Accessibility in Miami

From a member of our community:

Does anyone have information on getting around Miami in a wheelchair, can it be done reasonably?

The transit system in Miami is great. This is how we travel when down there. If you are visiting and staying at a hotel, just hop their airpot shuttle and you can pick up the bus at the terminal. There is a $5.00 a day bus pas so you can hope on or off the bus as often as you want for a 24 hour period.

Miami and Miami Beach are like any other US City and it’s pretty easy to get around with a wheelchair.

One thing that is unique about Miami is that you can park at

a parking meter without inserting any money as long has you have a handicap placard issued in any state.


You can download our free basic primer for accessible travel to Miami and the region from our resources page: https://www.tapooztravel.com/accessibility-resources
Contact us when you need more information. We are here to help :slight_smile: