Accessibility information for a trip to Maine

From a community member:

Has anyone been to Maine? I’m disabled and my boyfriend wants to go. Any info is appreciated.

I have travelled to the area around Portland in a wheelchair. It is okay. The waterfront was pretty but as you got away from there you ran into some pretty steep hills. LL Bean was accessible.

yes we have been there 2 or 3 times great views campsites were available foe us I am in a power chair

Yes, Acadia national Park is nice and there are carriage roads that wind —like 50 miles of them. They are gravel roads that you can do In a wheel chair with a free wheel or power chair. I wrote an article for New Mobility magazine called “the main attraction” several years ago listing all the wheelchair accessible things to do mostly around Acadia national Park and Bar Harbor. The article is also on my website

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Hi! Emily here from accessibleGO. I have always wanted to travel to Maine, but haven’t made it up there quite yet. Thanks @awaterlilly for sharing the article. Super helpful.

To this community member, when you return, please share your travels with us. We would love to see!

We have been in Maine for almost 2 weeks. Both my husband and I use rollators. We dont do stairs other than one step. We have been here many times before. Most hotels or motels are or can be accessible. Chains or the larger ones often have ADA rooms.

Pools may be another story. Most are on the small side with no zero entry.

Most restaurants are accessible. Some may be a challenge if too rustic or small.

No matter what the state is beautiful and worth the trip. Enjoy!!