Hi my name is Darleen Fust from Louisiana. I have a son who is 47 years old with CP Spastic Quadriplegia. He is in a power chair and we can only travel by van. Lots of issues at “so-called” accessible rooms!!!

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I totally understand! We had on "accessible " room that had a bathtub! Many don’t have the raised toilet. I wish I had helpful suggestions for you…can anyone else offer helpful suggestions?

That happened to us at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We went back up and asked them to change it and they did. We have asked and they couldn’t change it. Then we asked for a chair for the tub. I would be a challenge getting in the tub, but it could be done. If that didn’t work we asked them to find us accessible lodging elsewhere.

They are usually very accommodating. But I have had one be snippy. I spoke with the corporate office and Kerry then know we have an accessibility issue and aren’t being helped. I have 2 disability conditions, Adhesive Arachnoiditis and ALS. They hear the ALS and usually become very helpful. I NEVER threaten to go to the press or sue them. I don’t want to have to sleep in our van because of an attitude.

We have even had people offer their truck, car or pick things up. One even offered to let me shower at his house which was accessible because if his mom.

It stinks, but being calm, nice, RESPECTFUL and sort of forceful goes a long way.

We have traveled extensively since I became disabled 20 years ago. Internationally, cruising, driving, etc. Thank goodness for the free lifetime National Parks Pass for the disabled.

Helpful hint with that. If they have a road gated off, ask for the code for the gate. It helped us at all the parks that had a gate.

I always remember that even tho I’m having a physically challenging and painful day, I don’t know what is happening in the other person’s life at the time. Yes, I’m sickeningly optimistic.

Incredible cruise that was gifted to us. Karen even helped with an open water rescue and it wasn’t me :joy:

I spoke at a equine therapy farm. I was horrible, but love that Hunkapi Farms.

40 people carried me up Camelback Mountain where I proposed to my wife. Someone made a custom white gold ring too.


I can appreciate the problem, I use a walker or cane Have severe arthritis, one hotel I booked ada at, the beds were incredably high what? another ada room another hotel pretty high but doable, what gives? do not the hotel industry understand what an ada room is??? I have booked a couple other hotels, and accomodations fine beds appropriate etc… so I understand and sympathize I would like some input as well, thanks linda1530