Accessible airline toilets & onboard aisle chairs

My name is Pekka Paavonpera. I am a new member to this group. My interest is accessibility.
The published thesis below dealing with airline accessible toilets and onboard aisle chairs may be of interest to members.

Thank You.


Thank you for sharing this information

Hi Pekkapaavonpera, I’m Pinky :fairy:; one of the Forum Moderators. :crystal_ball: Thank you so much for posting this thesis below about airline toilets and aisle chairs.

I was wondering if there was possibly a link to somewhere online the thesis is located or if there is a way to paste the text into the Forum? I only ask because I noticed I was struggling to open the pdf when I tried on my mobile device, so guessing I must not be the only one?

My apologies for having to ask, I just want to make sure a topic like this is shared with as many members as possible because the questions come up frequently on the Forum about airline bathroom issues. In fact, just the other day we were having a discussion about being able to stay in your wheelchair on the plane and bathroom access on-board Staying in your chair on the plane - #6 by lash.russell

Thank you again for helping share this with the Forum, we truly appreciate it.

Have a Fantastic week!
-Pinky :fairy:

This is wonderful, thank you for sharing! What made you decide to do your thesis on this topic?

Pinky, I was able to open on a desktop. You should try that if you have one!

:revolving_hearts:OMGODDESS Pekka :revolving_hearts:… I bow down to you! :ok_woman: What you wrote is AMAZING and you are definatly the expert on this topic! Can’t thank you enough for sharing it with us and I apologize for the issues with the initial download. (Emily’s suggestion worked for downloading on my laptop instead of phone. Thank you, Emily :hugs:.).

Do you mind if I ask, have you been able to share this research with any of the airlines or FAA? :flight_arrival: Or possibly a Senator or Congressperson? What you have put together would be so helpful for getting to folks who design the planes and regulate them. (Let alone I wish I could make every airline employee at check-in and on-board crew read this, so they truly understand the difficulties some of their passenger’s face when flying.) If you have not and need help doing that, I would be happy to assist. We have contact information for reaching the right people to get that report to; and then maybe it will get discussed in a committee or a bill written for it or directed to the right people in the FAA. Can also get you the airline design folks contacts if you are willing to share with them as well? (You let me know what you’re comfortable with o.k.? No pressure here at all. I’m just so excited about what a fantastic piece of research you have assembled. :ok_hand:)

Hopefully our fellow forum community members will share a link back to the forum post, so that as many people possible read this and all of your hard work and research can be appreciated and utilized. (Hint, hint, Forum friends :wink:)

Thank you again Pekka; your data is going to help make this a better world for so many to be a part of :airplane:. We are so grateful you have joined us here in the Forum and look forward to any input and feedback you have to share with us. You definitely have Guru status to me now. (I pre-apologize now if I have to nag you from time to time for your assistance or feedback on related topics and questions, we get…I’ll behave…Pinky Promise)

Ok, back to reading the next section… of my “Favorite summer read of 2022!”. :open_book: :+1:

BIG HUGS to you Pekka :people_hugging:,
Pinky :fairy:

Hi Pinky - sorry about the delay in replying to you. I am on the last day of an overseas vacation with my family.
I will do all I can to help out. Just ask.

Hi - although I wish it was, the thesis is not mine but of a fellow Finn, Antti Suopajarvi, who actually works for Finnair.
You can follow him on LinkedIn. His account details are

Hi Emily - the thesis is not mine but of a fellow Finn, Antti Suopajarvi.
You can follow him on LinkedIn. His account details are