Accessible Bed & Breakfasts in Millersburg or Berlin Ohio

From a community member:

Are there any accessible bed and breakfasts in the area of Millersburg, Ohio or Berlin, Ohio? I am so disappointed with our country that they don’t make any arrangements or anything for anybody that’s disabled. We like to go and get around and do things at the bed and breakfast and other things but it doesn’t seem like anybody really cares.

I found this website. Hope it helps!!

I love that area! I grew up nearby. The Sugarcreek Village Inn has a wheelchair accessible room and is a really cute village. In Berlin, the farmstead hotel and restaurant has wheelchair access, Carlisle inn in Walnut Creek, Amish door also all have wheelchair access. I am not sure about B&Bs in the area. It is a great town. Check out Wendell August Forge in Berlin and the largest cuckoo clock in the world is Sugarcreek. So much to see and do! Lehmans hardware is also not too far from there which is a really cool big store in Kidron. New Philadelphia has a really interesting Warther knife/carving Museum – Warther knives are excellent. Lastly, if you get a chance to go on the towpath of the Ohio Erie Canal in Tuscarawas County or Stark County or Summit County, it is a fabulous wheelchair accessible trail that goes for about 100 miles along the old Ohio Erie Canal. Have fun!