Accessible gas stations between Topeka, KS and Nixa/ Springfield, MO

From a community member:

We are planning a day trip from Topeka, KS to Nixa, MO which is near Springfield, MO. My husband is a wheelchair user and we need information on accessible gas stations (full service) and restaurants/rest areas between Topeka and Nixa. AAA was unable to provide information.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Here’s a Google Map link with rest areas between Topeka and Nixa, if you’re interested in accessible bathrooms. Missouri Rest Area Guide | Missouri Department of Transportation

In the future you might find our website, tab “Destinations with Accessibility” helpful.

Hi Hi! Many gas stations that are newer I have found to be a better experience. I will start looking for gas stations a little farther in advance versus the last second to ensure I have ample time to find a good spot. Typically, I either go in and ask the attendant to pump my gas or most gas stations have a help button at the pump. According to the app GasBuddy, which provides real time gas prices shows that Pilot gas stations in Kansas has the best restrooms. You could download the app to see what other real time info it can provide. Hope this helps!

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Unfortunately I don’t have any advice on any unparticular stations to stop at, but we did always get lucky at the larger Truck stops; the bigger the better for your odds at finding the accessible bathrooms. Just Emily said, look for those newer ones that may have been built while following ADA guidelines.

I did want to mention a little trick we came up with during Covid lockdown if we had to drive anywhere, and didn’t want to risk using public bathrooms. We picked up an extra urine bottle from our local Walmart (also at every drug store too), and threw a blanket in the car for privacy. Don’t laugh, but I also made everyone sing loud when I needed to use it so they couldn’t hear anything. (Ok…now you can laugh)

I’m sorry it’s not a total solution, but wanted to suggest in case you are hitting the road soon. Believe it or not, I lived out that way for half my childhood (Overland Park, KS); so I took a look at the map to see what areas you should be safer in looking for bathrooms along the route: Lawrence, KS - Olathe, KS - Lee’s Summit, MO - Peculiar, MO - Garden City, MO

Once south of there, I am not sure till you reach Springfield. Especially the way the map has you go to get there; we used to take Rt 69 to I-49 route instead.

I hope you have a Fantastic time.

  • Have a great trip. :flight_departure:

  • Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

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PS> Thank you Emily for telling me about the GasBuddy App. WOW. SOOOOO helpful!