Accessible Hotel in Indianapolis (Bed and Toilet Height needs)

From a community member:

I am having GREAT difficulty finding a hotel room in Indianapolis, Indiana that is REALLY wheelchair accessible.

My fiancé is in a wheelchair and cannot stand at all. He uses a transfer board to slide into bed and on to the toilet. I cannot find a room with a bed low enough for him to slide into AND with a toilet that he can get next to to slide onto.

I am very frustrated. We are taking a family trip with 8 of us and I am afraid we may have to cancel or he and I don’t go. And it needs to be affordable. We are on a fixed income.

Any help is appreciated.

I’m a C6-7 with some T-1 return for 42 years and Hampton Inns and the Hilton chain are sometimes my go to if that helps. I don’t use a sliding board.

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I have used a roll away bed before when the beds were too high. Would that work for him?

Try Home2Suites. I haven’t stayed at one in Indianapolis, but stayed recently in Milwaukee and bed, toilet, and bathtub seat were wheelchair height. The handheld shower was appropriately close to the user, but the shampoo and shower gel were a reach.

Maybe an Airbnb rental might be better

This is Travelability responding. Please try the Baymont by Winfield in Plainfield, near the airport. I think they may have what you’re looking for.