Accessible hotel recommendation for NYC?


From a member of our community:

My Bucket lister is a trip to NYC. I am 63, use a 3-wheel Scooter due to MS, need a roll-in shower, an elevator, plenty of space to get around on my scooter, but and cannot afford high priced accommodations. Anyone have any suggestions?


I’m following this because I’m the same and would like to know also - Wendy


I would highly suggest The Mondrian, followed by The Standard Highline. I live here and both are wonderful hotels- the Mandrian even has a ADA equipped pool.


Quality Inn: Oct 18-21, 30-03 40th Avenue, Long Island City (Queens)

  • Cheaper than staying Manhattan
  • TripAdvisor Rating 4.0/5
  • Can’t remember if there was a roll-in shower because I try to avoid them
  • 4 blocks from the subway which will get you to downtown Manhattan in about 10-12 min.
  • commercial district, streets are completely dead at night, don’t be an idiot like me and travel them alone

IMPORTANT: Be very careful reading wheelchair symbols on subway maps. I wanted to make a transfer and found out there was no elevator to get to the second train. I had to get back on the first train and go past Central Park, cross and double back/ I missed my flight, but the hotel gave me a special rate for the extra night. Air Canada didn’t charge me a penny when I explained my mishap.


I have been to NYC several times since becoming disabled and I use a scooter to get around but I do not know of any bargain accommodations in the city. Everything is expensive; I stay at the Marriott Marquis on Times Square and it doesn’t come cheap. The most economical way to visit NYC is with group travel where a travel group handles all of the reservations, show tickets, travel plans. The group I use out of Savannah always makes sure that I have a handicapped room with roll in shower and that the places we visit can handle the scooter.


Both of these hotels are well over $300 per night. I think OP wanted something more affordable. As you live there, would you know of any other, less expensive alternatives?


I went about 5 years ago and was considerable cheaper. But $300/night doesn’t surprise me in the least. Last summer I went to Boston and I paid $300 USD ($400 CDN) for a 3-star Holiday Inn in a run down neighbourhood. I paid it because I didn’t want to have a one hour commute each way. I was supposed to be on vacation. If that’s what you willing to do, you can probably find something affordable. Otherwise, it’s pay to play.


I’m a part time wheelchair user and we stayed at Red Lion Inn and Suites Long Island for just over a week earlier this month. I am unsure about the roll in shower as we requested a shower tub with rails.
There is an elevator, wide hallways and our room was spacious enough for me to use my chair. It had a fridge and microwave.
We are Aussies and had no idea how to get around but it’s super easy to catch an accessible bus about 5 mins from the hotel. There is also an accessible station nearby (Court Square) but as others have mentioned, subway travel can be pretty tricky as not all stations/lines are accessible and even the ones that are often have elevators out. We only rode the subway a few times but ride the bus heaps. I was able to get a reduced fare card and we got unlimited 7 day passes that work on all buses and subways.