Accessible hotel recommendation near port of Galveston?

From a member of our community:

Hi, my wife and I are sailing out of Galveston on a Carnival cruise and are looking for a hotel close to the cruise ship docks that has handicap accessible rooms…I would need clearance and access under the bed to use a hoyer lift to get me out of bed in the morning… additional turning room would be nice as well…does anyone know of any properties that fit? Thank you.

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Following— I know it is just easier to call hotels in area directly. The issue we always seem to have is the height of the bed — usually to high. So I call hotels and make them get me height from floor to top of bed. I also rent any need equipment from scootaround. They deliver to most cruise lines and will be in your room upon arrival.

Good Luck.

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For me the issue is that they block access under the bed so that I can’t get my hoyer lift legs under the bed to lift me…as far as the cruise we just bring my lift with us and they put it in the room with the rest of our luggage.

** Hello**, How are you? Allow me to introduce myself, **my name is Jennifer and you can call me either Jennifer, Jenn or Jenni. I’ll answer to all 3 names, lol. What can I call you? Are you a fellow Texan like me? I live in East Texas. I moved to Tyler with my parents on April 1st. **

My friend Doug and I are both mobilities challenged. He is a Double Amputee and has had a Double Transplant of the Liver and Pancreas and he has Glaucoma pretty severely. He’s already had to have eye surgery twice since being diagnosed last year. He just got released from the hospital for having a Staph Infection, Pneumonia and Mersa all at the same time. He was in an acute care unit at the hospital for 2 weeks then they transferred him to a long term care hospital with a PIC Line for 3 more weeks. He got out last Tuesday just in time for his birthday today.

**Meanwhile, I have a Genetic Disorder called Stickler Syndrome, Legg-Calve Perthes and Degenerative Joint Disease which has caused me to have 47 surgeries on my extremities and my TMJ (Jaws) and my 4 on my Eyes. I have been Legally Blind my whole life until about 6 years ago, I ran across a doctor willing to try to do Double Lens Implant Surgery. I still have to have it zapped every so often to clear the film from my lenses but, I can see and read again with reading glasses from Walmart. I also have Migraine Headaches, Seizures, Bipolar Disorder/ Manic Depression, and PTSD and Anxiety from Child Abuse and Domestic Violence. **

** We are going on a first time Cruise for both of us April 19, 2020 on the Carnival Freedom. We are doing the same as you and driving down the day before because he is coming from Shreveport, LA. and we are meeting in Marshall to drive down together on the 18th. **

** I have started looking but can’t reserve a room or get a definite room rate for another 30 days (329 days out from check-in).m We are 359 days from our Cruise date. LOL I have a Cruise countdown clock from the Carnival HUB app on both my laptop and my cellphone. We may stay at the Hilton Inn by the Galeria in Houston because it’s like $50 to $75 dollars less expensive. I believe it is Accessible too. Another member recently went cruising and stayed overnight the night before too**

** One time when I looked Moody Gardens was less than a lot of the other places. None of them tell you if they are Accessible online. I’m pretty sure that is the right hotel that she used, If not, I’ll check back and let you know. Sorry if I did get it wrong**.



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***okay, I did get it wrong a community blogger by the name of Aileen Walsh traveled on a cruise to/from Galveston and stayed in Houston, Texas. She blogged about her stay at the Marriott hotel by the airport, I was able to find it by typing in Cruise in the blog search engine. The blog post even has pictures of the room, lobby, restaurant, etc. that you can check out to see if it’s the right hotel for you. If you don’t find the post the way I said try typing in her name to see if it comes up that way. I’m sure there is a way to share it to you, but, I don’t know how. ***

*** I hope this helps you out.***


Hey…sorry it took me so long to get back to you…you can call me whatever you like…lol my name is Richard…I live in the DFW area… Houston is too far out for us…we would need a hotel in the Galveston area…I’m going to start looking and calling soon…if I find anything I’ll let you know.

Did you ever find anything in Galveston? I started checking today for dates corresponding with my cruise using the AccessibleGO link and I found a lot of decent hotels on the Seawall Blvd area. Hotels like Holiday Inn, Springhill Suites by Marriott, Days Inn and more came up rates ranging around $122 a night and up.

Hope you have good luck and Happy Cruising!

Jennifer Cross