Accessible hotels/resorts Mazatlan Mexico

Does anyone have recommendations on a hotel or resort in Mazatlan Mexico that is wheelchair accessible? How about fun wheelchair accessible activities once I’m there? Thanks!

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@awaterlilly we received a great tip from somebody in another thread in this forum, re: accessible activities… I thought I might share it here, just in case it’s helpful, even though it’s not city-specific:

"One trick is to go online and look for accessible organizations in the sports and activities you like in the area you are considering visiting. Ask to get in contact with a member with a disability like yours or one who utilizes similar mobility equipment so you can make sure you are comfortable with that activity.

A few minutes of investigation online can limit disappointment when you arrive." (this was from @hkott !)

Here is the original post: How do you travel outdoors and in nature? Tips needed! - #6 by garatzel