Accessible Information for Rehoboth Beach, DE

From a community member:

I’d really appreciate accessibility information for Rehoboth Beach, DE including recommendations on where to stay. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

We have been a couple of times and the area itself is pretty accessible. We stayed at the Hampton Inn, which is in the commercial area not the quaint boardwalk area and had no problems as a manual wheelchair user…

Hi Hi! I haven’t been to Rehoboth Beach, DE, but it seems like a great area! As far as accessibility info goes, I did a quick search on accessibility in the area and found a few great things. In 2018, they did a bit of work to make their beaches more accessible, including beach mats. The Boardwalk Hotel seems to be ADA compliant from what I could find, but again, I havent visited myself.

Beach Mats
Beach Accessibility
Boardwalk Plaza Hotel

Keep on traveling! It’s our world too! :wheelchair: