Accessible lodging in San Juan Islands WA

Any recommendations for wheelchair accessible lodging in the San Juan Islands?

We stayed at the Resario resort on orcas Island and it worked for us but it was several years ago.


I have only traveled the San Juan by staying with family

The ferry system is ada accessible
I found this link that might connect you to helpful information. Be sure to call ahead for specific information.



Hi Kirsten, its Pinky :fairy:; one of your Forum moderators :crystal_ball:. I just wanted to thank Linda for her link she provided; that is the best list of Accessible lodging I have been able to find anywhere. Beyond personal residences you might be able to find on the island that are accessible, that’s a pretty exhaustive list for lodging.

In case you may want to read some additional descriptions of those accessible lodging, check out the San Juan Directory website; which goes into a little more detail about the places mentioned on the other website.

I am loving the Tucker House Inn & Harrison Suites personally after checking out some videos. They have 2 Accessible rooms in the Tucker House (Castle Wall and Evening Star); both with roll-in showers and on the ground floor.

If you happen to have the desire to play cowboy? I found this place called “Hacienda at Horseshu Ranch” in Friday Harbour that even has an Accessible riding program you can sign up to do. This is renting a home vs. hotel also, if you don’t really want to be in a hotel or in.

It looks like there is a lot more “accessible” in the islands than I knew about; so, thank you for the question and replies; I love to learn about new area’s and how well they will work for our community to travel to. Make sure to come back and tell us about the trip? We would all love to hear what kind of things you did and where you ended up staying? There is sooooo many amazing activities to participate in.

Have a Fabulous time!

  • Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

  • -Pinky :fairy: :kissing_heart:

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