Accessible national park tour recommendations?

From a member of our community:

Hi, can anyone recommend any tours companies specifically in the United States who conduct wheelchair accessible tours of any of the National Parks? Thank you kindly.

Sorry, I don’t know of any.

When we visited Glacier they had an accessible van to take us on going to the sun highway. Pick us up at the campsite and did the tour. It was great. Run by the same tour company that runs the red busses up and down the highway

Tapooz Travel specializes in accessible tours in the US, Canada and selected destinations worldwide.
A LOT of experience with the Parks of the Southwest, such as Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, etc., Florida’s Everglades, California coast etc.etc.

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While Death Valley NP isn’t wheelchair friendly, the visitor center has a lot to offer with the museum and you can see and enjoy from a car or van.

I think Grand Canyon has some paved trails now, worth checking out.

Would help to know projected areas as I can ask at our local ranger station.

Also, Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas has solid trails and incredible scenes. Another place where you can get a lot in a car. I think they may have a bus tour, too.

Not sure of they do domestic travel but Sage Travel in Texas handicapped travel. Check out their website. Ither suggestion is to try Google as that is how I found Sage

I cannot remember what the name of the group or company was, but we stayed at a hotel on the south rim of the Grand Canyon. Our trip included accessible train there and back and an accessible bus tour at the Canyon.