Accessible places to stay in New Orleans

I need to stay in New Orleans from June 21-July 18 and I need a place (Air B&B?) that is wheelchair accessible. Recommendations please!

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Are you in a manual or power wheelchair?

Omni Hotel in the French Quarter is wonderful. Roll in showers, great central location, perfect! And across the street from the Napolean House!

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I use a manual wheelchair. Have you heard of any B&B’s that might be accessible so I could have my own kitchen while I’m there for such a long time?

Good Luck with AirBnB or VRBO. Every time I have tried to use either of them as soon as I click on wheelchair accessible there are no places available unless you need a place gor 20 or more to stay.
To give you an example. My family likes to get together between Christmas and New Years for maybe 3 nights. My daughter has always handled reservations. Last tear we were lakeside. She finally gave up on chois8ng wheelchair accessible because choices webt immediately to zero. She chose 1st floor bedroom and bathroom a must have. I use a walker insude but a power chair or walker outside my home. My son and son in law jad to help me up one sizeable step to get into house but once insude it was okay. There were 2 bedrooms on 1st with rest upstairs. I ended up on living room sofa because beds were so high I couldn’t get not het into either one. I was able to use the bathroom but I did take my own commode extension. This past month we went to the Gatlinburg, TN area. House said tes to 1st floor bedroom and bath. That was a joke. I had to have help into the house no matter which entrance I used. There was a 1st floor bedroom but it was all the way to the far left side of the house and tge attached bath was a joke. The diurwat to bath wss in my bedroom but yiu had to go up about 6 ir so steep steps to enter bathroom and bathroom door was way less than 36 inches wide. If I could have gotten to the door I couldn’t have gotten through doorway. In fact onky my one skinny grabdson ever ysed tgat shower because no one else could fit in doorway. Oh, I mentioned it was far left side of house (I had to use my step I miw tracel with to get up into another really high bed and I had to use a leg lift to get legs into bed. When I exited my room to join everyone in the kitchen lr living room I had to walk the length of a sizeable pool room and I don’t mean like pool table pool; I mean a huge rectangular indoor pool that had been floored over and turned into a rec room. When I went to/from pool room to living room I had to have help because there was a step of about 10 inches or better between the two levels. There was a half bath off of the kitchen which I used with the addition of my commide extension but I was unable to shower during our 3 day stay because other bathrooms were upstairs. Other bedrooms were either upstairs or were downstairs with TV room. Both sets of stairs were exceptionally sterp and the ones going down didn’t have any handrail on either side. Quite frankly I don’t think it would meet building code. Like most typical seniors I have to get up during tge night for bathroom breaks do every time I had to use tge bathroom I had to use my cell to call my son in kaw’s cell

Go to or do a google search for
I just found out about this from my daughter’s case worker.
You put the town and state. Some have areas that will show up.
So, I typed in New Or and this is what showed up New Orleans, LA, French Quarter, Bourbon Street, Garden District, New Orleans airport.
So you click the one that you want.
Then you click at the top there is a filter area. Beside the area you picked 2 lines. click on that.
These are your options.
Type of place = entire place, private room, shared room.
How many = Rooms, Beds, Baths
Property type house, apartment, guesthouse, hotel
Booking options
Accessibility Features - So I didn’t fill anything in and I put French quarters. I see 1,000+ homes.
as you start clicking on your wants and needs those numbers will change.
So, I put in step free guest entrance shows 9 places.
unclick and clicked guest entrance wider than 32 inches shows 8 places.
unclicked that and clicked step free path to the guest entrance shows 20 places.
FYI the calendar on my phone for some reason I can’t see past April.
But on my lap top I can see more months.
Good Luck :smile:

Thank you so much for the feedback. I totally relate!

IMHO hilton gardens anywhere in US