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My husband loves railroads, none of the railways like Oregon Coast Railway offer accessibility for people in walkers or wheelchairs anyway to get on the attraction. Other railways are the same that I have checked on.

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Chilatchee Prairie RailRoad in Yacolt, Washington, Mount Hood RR in Parkdale OR and the historic Chehalis railroad in WA all have a wheelchair accessible car. I have only been on the Chilatchee Prairie RR and there?s is the outdoor car but it works fine for me in a wheelchair. But as you said, Oregon coastal RR is not Wheelchair accessible.
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Not sure about Amtral availability in your area you wish to travel but Amtrak does offer accessibility. Go to Google abd ask does Amtrak offer accessibility for handicapped and it will give you the link to that portion of their website. You do have to make arrangements prior to buying tickets. Hope this info helps.

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Hi Everyone,

I’m Pinky :woman_fairy:, one of the new Moderators here on the AccessibleGo Forum. I just wanted to help add the link for the :steam_locomotive: Amtrack Accessible Travel Services :railway_car:to help save some search time for folks.

Great topic to get started on here :star_struck: as Train journeys are so underappreciated in our country. Sadly, as you both stated; not all train lines, trains and stations are accessible currently; but good news because the new Infrusture Bill will be giving Amtrack $66 Billion :moneybag: to help. From what I have read, not only does that include increasing the Accessibility for passengers; but also hopefully expanded Amtrack to 160 communities across the country.
Have to admit that traveling by train has always been on my bucket list; especially the line that runs through the middle of the Rockies. :mountain_snow: Thank you both so much for lighting a fire under me to learn more about accessible train travel and I hope to give it a try myself very soon,

Does anyone else have some train-tales to tell? (Nightmares ok too…lol)

Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:
-Pinky :kissing_heart:

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