Accessible RV Rental for Southwest Florida?


Posting on behalf of community member Bonnie:

Hi! Do you know if there are any organizations that rent RV vehicles that are handicap accessible in Southwest Florida? Thank you!


Don’t know of specific places but I would hope that in this day and age that some of the well known auto rental folks would have such in their fleets.


I just Googled handicapped accessible rental automobiles and got quite a few ml iy stings including some of the usual car rental places like Enterprise and Avis. There was also a van rental website with locations throughout US. I tried it with Orlando and again with Miami and lots of listings were available. So go to Google and enter handicapped accessible rental vehicles and check out results; I am sure you can find what you need.


I just looked some up last night. Check accessible RV rentals. They are for rent by private owners. Everything from lifts to roll in showers.