Accessible sightseeing in Galveston TX?

We will be in Galveston for 3 days. Need sightseeing suggestions please

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Gavelston tourism web site is a good start

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Hi @jovegas - Many of our members have traveled to Galveston - I hope you get some good suggestions from the community!

We have an article on sites to see in Galveston - you can see it here.

Moody Gardens Pyramids and the Strand. We will be there first of April.

If you have a car, go north a few miles on I-45 to Kemah.

Pelican island has a submarine and a destroyer. Once again, not disabled accessible. Must see the strand, but be warned…about 1/2 the shops have about 3 steps up to go in. This is because of hurricane water. One of the buildings on the strand has a line about 10 feet up. That was the water line during hurricane Ike.

There are some old homes that can be toured.


We enjoyed being as far out as we could go on the (N?) side. There is a long wooden dock that goes out a long ways with no steps. There are many oil rigs that are there for repair. Interesting. The big cemetery has all the different sections and because of the high water level they are raised. Some of the mansions are very interesting but not very accessible for us.

The most iconic Galveston seafood restaurant is Gaido’s. It’s also accessible. Right across from the Seawall and beach. The historic Tremont and the Galvez hotels are accessible and interesting. Have fun!

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Moody Gardens is fairly accessible. Downtown is a little rough, but do-able. Roll down the sidewalk along the beach, some of the levies are accessible. Stay off the sand. Good food, but Guido’s which used to be good is now lousy.

Thanks everyone for all the information!