Accessible Taxis in Honolulu, Maui and Hilo

We will be on a cruise in Hawaii, both my husband and I travel with scooter. There are sites we would like to see in hope someone know is there are accessible taxis available. Thank you

Google lists two accessible transport companies in Honolulu. Suggest you contact them prior to departure. Have fun!

There are taxis, but I found the bus a better option when I took my wife to Oahu animber of years ago. I bought a weeklong pass and the buses went all over Oahu.

Don’t know about Maui or Hawaii.

Would love to hear your experiences. Going to Hawaii in the Fall.

I also recommend using Google but another source of info I would also try is the Excursions Desk on board your ship. I have found them to have a wealth of info about tte various ports the ship visits. My daughter and I did the Panama Canal starting from Ft. Lauderdale, FL and rventually ending in Seattle, WA. One of our earliest ports was in S. America and I discussed getting off of the ship and doing one of the local excursions but I received very wise advice not to do so unless I felt I could do certain parts without my scooter and there was also the matter of the train that was part of this excursion that was not accessible and one of the staff at the desk ajso explained the westher at that location was extremely hot snd humid and he felt I would be miserable. My daughter did go and sfe has no physical issues but she did not care for the extreme weather as she is very hot natured l. Thatcis only 1 of 2 times I opted to stay on the ship while in port. The other time hte ship’s officers recommended that I not try to get off l; we were in Alaska and the tide was exceptionally liw nlmaking the ramp (gangplank) sit at very steep angje. Ttey were afraid fircmy safety because the scoiter would be uncontrollable heading off the ship impossible to drive back up the ramp even with staff assistance. Bottom line is check with the cruise line for local accessibility.
I spent 3 weeks in HA and didn’t want to keave but this was pre ADA and pre me being disabled so I am unable to comment with real knowledge

I found at least with Princess line, the excursion desk is not always that knowledgeable about which excursions are accessible or not. They did refund me for cruise credit when I was refused boarding on supposedly accessible easy tours. The bottom line is you don’t really know till you step off the boat what is available. If you have a port lecture, the people who do those have a lot of helpful tips about transportation and I would encourage you to go there and be prepared to ask questions.