Accessible tickets to the smoothy centre

Hi all.

My name is Tom. My son Jake (who is the wheelchair user) and I are travelling over to New Orleans from the UK in November and Patch and the team have helped with a hotel. We have been looking at what is going on in New Orleans while we are there and discovered that the Eagles are playing at the Smoothy centre on the Saturday night.
The tickets go on sale on 18th August but can anyone advise me on how to secure wheelchair seating?

Oh I should have also asked about other music venues around the city. We are both lovers of all types of music.

ok I’m no expert on tickets, having done it myself only a few times. What i think i know is that the one ticket seller that consistently has wheelchair accessible seats identified and available to buy online is Ticketmaster (…sometimes stubhub or others will have them, but rule of thumb is that you will need to call the venue and arrange for tickets. (warning: the guy on the phone may tell you all is well and you are all set and when you show up for the concert you find out that’s not true)…tickets to anything are a pain to arrange (in my limited experience) but in the end I’ve always had a good experience…

I have used Ticketmaster many times and they have a wheelchair icon to turn on accessible seating for available tickets.

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Thanks both. I have messaged the venue and will look at ticketmaster


Agree that calling or contacting the venue is always the best option!!

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I just had my first experience buying w/c accessible tks for show’s in Vegas through Ticketmaster and had no problem. I did call the venues to confirm seating. Hope you have a blast in NOLA

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Hi Tom, Pinky here; another of your Forum Moderators. Welcome to the Forum.

I just went to check on the tickets for you and you are in luck; tickets go on sale to the General Public Starting on Fri, Aug 19 @ 10:00 am CDT (Check your time difference). That’s in a day and a half…so get ready.

You are going to want to go to or right here for link to concert; not, as it may not let you purchase the tickets (I’m not able to open that website from here). You will want to select the “Accessible Seating” option while selecting ticket type and then it will usually show you anywhere in the venue with accessible seating. They usually allow you to buy a limited amount of accessible seats as well as companion/caretaker seats next to them. Do not wait to long to check for the tickets as the Eagles will sell fast, especially the limited accessible tickets. I have noticed quite a bit of accessible seats showing up on ticket re-seller site; which is infuriating, I know. There should be a rule about that.

If the tickets do sell out fast, I would wait about 12-24 hours and then you will see them start showing up on the re-sellers. Sometimes they show up even faster than that.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you and your son, I really want you to be able to get this concert and share a special moment together with the Eagles. Let us know how it all worked for you (and the set list…maybe a t-shirt…just kidding on the shirt…lol).

Have a fantastic time in New Orleans,
Pinky :fairy:

Thanks Pinky. I will be on it. Tom