Accessible toilets in public restrooms

I am finding that the accessible toilet seats in public/business restrooms are not high enough for me to stand up without assistance. Is there a light-weight portable toilet seat riser that I can keep in my car for when the need occurs?

Sorry for such a delicate topic, but for me it’s a real issue. I use a walker and wheelchair regularly.

Yes, I found one that has screws on the side to fit onto the bowl, at CVS. It adds about 3-4 inches and has helped me after I had knee surgery. Very light weight and I just carry it in a small shopping bag I get from Dollar Tree. I found that new hotels are putting in the lowest darn toilets I’ve ever seen :flushed:. Hope this helps.

I’m making a trip to CVS today. This has been one of my biggest challenges to date. Thanks for the heads up.

My pleasure. Let us know if it works for you.

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Don’t worry, this isn’t a Delicate topic on this site, we all know exactly what your talking about when we have to use these regualar toilets. I am in 100% agreement with tpopus52, you need some portable travel gear to make your life easier; especially a portable seat riser you can use. I was shocked at how many different models they sell of these now. Very curious to hear how that CVS one worked out for you and how it works for being able to quick attach/de-attach if you have a moment to share with us?

I did want to share with you some other gear that I purchased last year, when we wanted to stay at a hotel that did not have an accessible bathroom. (I don’t take no for an answer very often anymore). So I went through hundreds of pages of gear and stumbled on some fantastic pieces that I occasionally now take with me that I wanted to share with you:

**Now I don’t own one of these, but I came across a fascinating portable seat on Amazon; that holds onto the interior seat by using an inverted shape to hold onto the walls of the seat vs. screwing on. Has thousands of positive reviews (if they are all real) of how well it works. Maybe worth a try if the CVS one doesn’t work out?

AquaSense 770-610 Portable Raised Toilet Sea

Similair Model; not as well ranked…for comparison:
PCP Raised Toilet Seat, 5-Inch Elevated Height

Please let us know how everything worked out for you and which equipment worked best when you have some time? I’m sure it will be helpful to so many of our members.

  • Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

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