Accessible tour/transportation recommendations for Sydney, Australia?

From a member of our community:

We will be in Sydney, Australia for 3 days between cruises in November of 2020. My husband uses a wheelchair. Do you have any suggestions for ways to get around, or tour companies who can accommodate his chair? He can walk a few steps and could use a bus IF either they can strap his reclining chair on board or if the regular seat reclines. We want to see natural and cultural things, not shopping.

In Sydney, the buses and subways are accessible. Buses have designated places for wheelchairs and scooters. They have ramps to get on. We found them really great. Occasionally a bus had no more room for a wheelchair so had to wait for the next bus. The subways in theory have elevators to the platforms. Some near our hotel were under construction. Others were a long walk to the entrance with the elevator. The gap between the platform and train door might be a little wide if your chair has tiny wheels. I got off my scooter and we lifted it on.
Taxis were more problematic. Drivers saw the scooter and drove past us many times. I’m not sure about the status of Lyft or Uber, but ordering a cab that can hold your chair is a better option. We loved Sydney! It is hilly in places but beautiful. Don’t miss the Opera House . They offer accessible tours.


There are many accessible places to go in Sydney including the opera house, the zoo, the Manly ferry.
Just google wheelchair accessible Sydney.

Some of the footpaths are rough and the inner city could use more kerb cut-outs but it is okay to get around.