Accessible transport in LA

Hello travellers,
I’m from Spain, and in august I’m going to LA, and I,ve a question for us, how accessible is thre public transport? and I,ve heard it,s very bad as to frecuency, is it true?
Thank you,
Anna Ma.

Hi Anna,
LA is huge. Are you looking to visit certain areas? Both buses and metro trains are accessible. Here is the website. A lot depends on where you’re going.

they have accessible cabs, most hotels are, many dinning places are, airport is, I think you will enjoy your visit.

Not great public transportation. Use Lyft or Uber locally. Rent a car or take train for longer distances b

Thanks a lot for your information, I knew transportation system was accessible, but someone told me the bus frequency was not great. To visit certain places in the city I know I won’t have problems, but I want to go to Griffith observatory and Star Wars Park and I don,t know if I could use public transportation or take an Uber or something so. What do you recommend me?

Anna Ma.

Hi Anna,

Those are about an hour away from each other (I’m assuming you mean Star Wars at Disneyland). The Metro goes from Anaheim to Hollywood. That would probably be your best bet and then Uber from the Metro station to Griffith Observatory. Will you be staying in Anaheim?

Driving is easier for longer distances but the freeways can be confusing especially if you are using GPS. In LA, it isn’t the distance, it’s the traffic.

Both Disneyland and Griffith Observatory are really fun.

Thanks again, you know, travelling with wheelchair means control. This is not my first time in LA, it’s the third, last time was 12 years ago, but we had rented a car, now we’re going without car, so I want to use the Metro if it’s possible. I,ve visited Disneyland (3 parks) in Orlando last year but Star Wars is new and I MUST visit it. My hotel is in South Grand Avenue (the Millenium Biltmore).
Best wishes