Accessible Transportation - Sacramento to San Francisco

From a community member:

Transportation is my number one wish. For more than a year I have been trying to find a substantial transportation from Sacramento county to San Francisco. You would think that I asked for the Golden fleece.

If anybody has any disabled transportation from Sacramento to San Francisco both for medical appointments and for fun, but primarily, I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday and I’m not able to find anybody (no social worker had any contacts). There aren’t transportation options for people with disabilities from here to there! Help me if you can. Thanks!

Have you tried this?

Don’t know your age but if you qualify as a senior try going to Google and look for senior services in your area. I feel your pain. The last week of August I had an auto accident and my conversion van is still in the body shop; it was due to be finished yesterday but postponed til next Wednesday. I have standing wound care therapy 3 days at week at a rehab hospital. I could not find transportation so had to have doctor order home health. I still had doctor appointments and lab work to get to so I had to pay a helper to drive me and get me into their car’s passenger seat. I have lymphedema in both lower legs and feet and cannot lift my legs to get into a car. My auto insurance pays the standard $30/day for a rental which means a car the size of a roller skate and I cannot get into one nor will my walker fit into one and certainly not my power wheelchair. If I could even find a rental van it would cost $150/day and I cannot afford to do that. There is a door to door bus service ($3 each way) but doctor has to complete paperwork and it can take up to a month to get approved and I didn’t have time to do that. My granddaughter handles transportation for the agency where she works in another city and she suggested I do paperwork for a backup for future needs. Second option she sent me she told me most of her Medicare patients use but I have a group policy which is my primary insurance and Medicare is my secondary coverage, and in SC this company will not accept my Aetna. I tried several home health agencies that listed non emergency medical transportation as one of their services. I left an email for contact person at one, left voicemails at 2; completed the online Contact Us forms at 2 more and out of those 5 not one single response. No one answered my email; no one returned my voicemail messages; and no one contacted me after I submitted their contact forms. I surmise they were not interested. I found a few others but I did not qualify for those services as they were Medicaid only. There was 1 private non emergency transport company but they were expensive and did not accept any insurance. Used them one time for a doctor’s appointment
The distance was only a few blocks and cost $98. I cannot inagine what a distance such as yours would cost.
I wish you much luck; sadly I live in the largest city in my state so I cannot imagine what people in rural areas must endure.

Have you tried Amtrak

You might try local agencies that support the disabled. Even if they don’t provide that service, they may be able to give you some ideas. Several of the Medicare supplement policies include medical transportation to get to medical appointments.

Don’t forget to call United Way 211. They say call them if it is an emergency but not something you should call 911 for. They may have an agency they can refer you to. Hope things get back to normal soon.