Accommodation for disabled in LA

Really need help here, flying from Ireland in February & I’m having a hard time finding suitable wheelchair accommodation, only requirement is a wet room, can anyone recommend somewhere central, close to shops etc, what areas to avoid etc
Much appreciated

What part of L.A. are you visiting…Los Angeles is very big!

I’m not sure, was hoping for some advice on that, Beverly Hills/Hollywood area ? As long as it’s safe and somewhat flat, husband uses a manual chair

Santa Monica is a nice place. Shops, restaurants. By the beach with a flat board walk and pier. Lovely walks by the beach. Lots of wheelchair access

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My favorite chain is Best Western. I don’t use a wheelchair but I don’t have the ability to get into and out of a tub so I request the room with the roll-in shower. There is usually one available, especially if you call the hotel directly and talk to the staff. Of course, the earlier you reserve, the better. I’m not familiar with the west side of LA (I was raised on the east side and left as soon as I could) so someone else will have to tell you what areas to avoid. Basically, i would stay west and/or north of downtown LA. I hope you have a good time while you’re here!

Hi @michelleleckey0 - Los Angeles is a big location with a lot to do. We created several City Guides and gathered accessibility resources for Los Angeles that you can see here. The guides include the Top 10 Accessible Hotels, Top 10 Accessible Attractions, and a 48-Hour Itinerary.