Accommodations in Puerto Vallarta Mexico

I have travelled to Puerto Vallarta Mexico several times and can never find reasonable accessible accommodations other than the big hotels. I’m looking for information on condos or this type of lodging so I can stay longer and not be caught up in the noisy party atmosphere everyday. Do you know any places or any services that can help me find something?

Hi Inmotion,

This is Pinky :fairy:, one of your Forum Moderators. I appreciate your patience while I was researching this one out for you; but after a very difficult struggle to find you some suggestions, I need to check with you on what your accessibility needs are? :tipping_hand_woman:

Every once in awhile I find a property that has some features and then not others; but still nothing that I would rate as “100% ADA accessible”. I apologize for that; usually I at least try to find 2 options to bring people (ok…I go for 10 when I can). The problems I keep running into is the areas away from the tourist areas, generally are not very accessible at all (sidewalks if they have, but no curbs; narrow streets; stairs everywhere; unsafe areas; etc…). I have found a handful of condos that describe themselves as accessible, but all I see from the photos is the fact its all on one floor; no other accessibility features. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

There are a few rental agencies that seem to have a lot of listings, that you could explain your specific needs and then they can try and match a property for you? I found a couple for you try: :mexico:

  • PVRPV - **Start here; they have over 500 listings and read good reviews from an accessible traveler.
  • My Puerto Vallarta Rentals - Also has a lot of listings and good reviews of properties from other websites.
  • The Villa Experience - Fabulous looking properties with some that show partial accessibility in photos.
  • Applegate Realtors - They had a better selection then most of the smaller rental sites. (and I checked a few dozen first)

I did try Airbnb and VRBO and can understand if you got frustrated; they don’t leave you with much hope, I know. Hopefully one of these agencies can help with matching your specific needs to one of there homes? Its worked for us on several Caribbean islands, where we just have the rental agency run around checking their properties to match my accessibility needs. I’ve been know to just travel with my own suction safety bars in some places because its the only items missing from the rentals. :toilet:

Thank you again for being so patient while I hunted; promise I will keep an :eye_in_speech_bubble: out as I check out a few more of the rental agencies. I always have faith in the other members on here too; they seem to have traveled the world and are amazing plethora’s of accessible travel knowledge.

We’ll solve this. It’s not like its the toughest challenge we’ve had to battle through! :fist:

Hang Strong and BIG HUGS :hugs:,

PS> I found a great equipment rental company in PV in case you needed one; including a Beach Wheelchair - Beach Crossers

I exhausted my search for now for condos. Things get too complicated finding something accessible along with availability. Most things I find promising are booked until 2024. I have my eyes back on hotels. I’m wondering if you can find out some detail on the Melia Vallarta on what rooms offer access, do they have a pool lift, and what the main areas are like?

Thank you!

One more thing on this…if you find out what type of rooms offer accessibility, can you also find out what floors these rooms are on? Quite often in PV they have accessible rooms, but they are on lower floors in poor areas for view etc. (right facing the buffet). Also, FYI-I use a manual wheelchair and I’m quite mobile so I have more flexibility on needs. Wheel-in-shower preferred, but not a must. Bed height is important-19"-20’ best (or the ability to remove bases or box springs).

If you book through accessibleGO, as long as you book more than 48 hours in advance, we call the hotel ahead of time to ensure your accessibility needs are met. Otherwise, I would recommend that you call and ask. That’s likely the best way to get this information once you decide on a hotel.