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Activities in Hawaii

I’m traveling to Hawaii in a month and I’m having trouble finding touristy wheelchair accessible activities to experience. I just barley was able to find a luao reservation but haven’t been able to find any boat activities that are wheelchair accessible. They all require for me to transfer out. Anyone have any recommendations in Maui?

If you drive or have a driver the road to Hanna is beautiful


Thank you! I’ve looked into all these. They all require to walk on/transfer to do the activities. Not one is actually wheelchair accessible.

I have been to the three main islands with my powerchair, I found that because it is the most built up, Oahu is the most accessible.
There is a dinner cruise boat in Kona on Big Island that is accessible requiring no transfer. There are good, accessible trails at the Kilauea Volcano.
I hope it’s not too late but is it feasible to consider going to a different island?

Hi @nancy.ramos89, thanks for posting! Here is accessibleGO’s guide to the top accessible attractions in Maui, a sample 48-hour itinerary, and list of the top accessible hotels. You can check out all of our trip planning resources for Maui here :grinning: