ADA Room non-existent? What do I do?


I stayed at a La Quinta. I booked an ADA Accessible King. When my husband checked in he was told that they didn’t actually have a ADA rooms and that the rooms labeled such were no different from their regular rooms. We could take it as is or go somewhere else. Our funds were tied up on this room, so we had no choice. Restroom had no grab bars at all. They thought providing a shower bench made up for everything. Thank God we brought along by bedside toilet. Whom, besides corporate, do I complain to?


I booked a room 4 months in advance at a Comfort Inn and Suites because I could get an accessible room plus it had Port and Park which allowed me to park my car during a week long cruise and it provided a shuttle to/from cruise port. I emphasized the necessity of an accessible room, especially as it related to roll in shower. Oh yes I was assured. Drove up to the hotel, got out to go in, leaving my granddaughter in the car. Stood at front desk for about 30 minutes as they were swamped both with people and phone calls. No rooms left I kept hearing as people walked in without reservations or people called in. Booked solid. Finally got to 1 of the 4 at the desk, checked in, and given directions to our room and where handicapped parking could be found. I reintegrated the need for handicapped accessibility and young woman waiting on me assured me the room was such. Drove around the building and found our room number and the 1 handicapped parking spot on that entire side of the building. Needless to say it was occupied. I did take pictures with my phone. I had to hop the curb with my walker to get to sidewalk in front of our room, then had to hop even a higher step to get into this room. Entering the room I did not see bathroom but I was facing a wall with a full kitchenette (not requested). Finally I walked past 2nd queen bed a mn d turned to my right. There was a hanging bar which acted as the closet. Then I turned to my left as the bathroom was directly behind the kitchenette wall. My 4 wheel rollator style walker would not fit through doorway. Commode was a lot handicapped, no grab bars anywhere; sink was small and hanging off the wall and the shower was a prefab standing box or as I described it “a coffin standing upright”. My granddaughter went into the bathroom and noted the shower had no where to even place soap or shampoo. I kept taking photos. I wrote corporate and sent photos. Someone asked why I didn’t go to desk and demand another room. After a half hour of hearing they had no rooms I figured that was a useless. No one ever responded from corporate so I wrote a 2nd email and attached copy of my first one plus the photos and still no response so that really made me mad so I hit them where it hurt most - social media. I went to their brand Facebook page and wrote a very snide and sarcastic post basically saying I didn’t like being ignored. I copied and pasted my entire 2 mg d email and I posted all of my incriminating photos. In less than 30 minutes I had a response from corporate apologizing and giving me 50,000 rewards points added to my account. I told them they could keep their points because I would never stay in any of their brands again. That was over 3 years ago and I never have used any Choice brand again.

I don’t know about anyone else but lately I’ve had a trouble finding accessible rooms, especially with roll in showers. These folks seem to think if they throw up multiple grab bars around a tub that makes it accessible. I keep trying to explain that I cannot maneuver over the side of a tub.

If I recall on a trip to the Richmond area tried to make a reservation for me for a handicapped room at a LaQuinta and the woman managing the location basically said she didn’t want to book me because she didn’t want the liability as I might fall. That left a rotten taste in my mouth so wouldn’t use them if I had to sleep in my car.

But none of these guys like stuff like this plastered on Facebook or Twitter, etc. I would say Facebook because Twitter is so limiting space wise as to how much you can say. Post bnb it bnb on your timeline directed to them. If you post directly to their page sometimes it doesn’t show up because they review posts before publishing whereas or on your timeline you are in charge.


This happens all the time. Not sure what their motives are but the hospitality industry lies every day. We had 12 nights booked and three where actually ADA rooms. If there is a reporting agency that actually cares, let me know.


I don’t know if you can go anywhere else, but after having poor experiences like this, I have made sure to go on Trip Advisor or similar rating programs to make sure that those that read the reviews are aware.


Thank you for your helpful responses. We posted this on behalf of a community member who wanted assistance.

We hope that you will consider contributing reviews on accessibleGO, as that is part of the cornerstone of our vision, where reviews focus on accessibility so that everyone will benefit by sharing experiences. Here’s the link to write a review:

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thank you!


Hi Mariam,

Sorry I have been ill, I have had some trips to the ER. I start infusions on Wednesday. In response to this question, if it states this hotel has ADA rooms and they are unable to respond to your request, I would suggest contacting health Dept of that state, calling the hotel chain - not just the manager of that hotel as they are often privately owned and don’t care. People with disabilities have just as much right as someone without. Advertising something that cannot be honored is also “false advertisement” and could very well be punished by law. I hope this helps as each state is different but the hotel chain should all have same rules and consequences. Kind regards, Karen


I did a quick search and found this link for reporting ADA non-compliance:

Hope this helps.