Adjustable Beds

From a community member:

Does anyone know if there are any hotel chains, resorts or condos that have adjustable beds. I have a very bad back and I need an adjustable bed.

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I have read that you can contact large hotels to be okayed to have an adjustable bed delivered from a rental med supply company.

The closest I have hear is Raddison has Sleep Number beds I believe.

Hi, It’s Pinky :fairy: again; one of your Forum Moderator’s. I am in total agreement with our member aftandahalf; most of the larger hotels are fine with you needing to bring in rental adjustable bed while visiting, as they usually have at least a few rooms that are easy to move or remove the original bed in the room during your stay. Especially if they have some rooms that also double as hospitality suites.

Plus, I wanted to see if I could find out what the latest was on Radisson and which properties had the Sleep Number beds; and sadly, not doing well with that. They added them to all their properties that existed as of 2004, but they don’t seem to promote them anymore on the website. Does not mean some specific properties may have them, but we would need to check which specific cities you were interested in?

If you happen to want to travel to Europe, The First Hotel Group has SmartBed rooms that sound fantastic. Now I know these aren’t adjustable beds, but I did find a great list from Readers Digest about which hotels have the best beds (I completely emphasize with you about the beds).

If you need some help with some specific locations as to who rents adjustable medical beds for short term stays (and who deliver), please let me know and I will find you some resources for your trip. My apologies I don’t have the specific answer you are looking for on this one. The only other trick I do when I travel now is to take with me an entire duffle bag full of sealed foam pads and rolls (meant for swim, but half the price of medical version) in order to create the perfect sleep cradle when traveling. If you are interested in doing that, I get most of my pieces from a company called Super Soft by TRC. I’d be happy to point you to the specific ones I use if that would help? The foam is very thick and dependable when you need a firmer base or for parts to help create a sleep cradle.

Let me know if you would like me to check on some specific locations for the bed rentals and hotels that are fine with them and we’ll get right on it?

We will solve this for you somehow… stay Strong!

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