Adjustable Hotel Beds

Does any hotels have adjustable beds, and raise up and down the head and feet?

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I’m looking for the same things in a hotel, Please Reply

Sorry to say but in my traveling experience I have never found any that do. I have had several times where I was unable to get up or onto the bed. I now travel with a wooden step that I can use to get onto bed. I also have difficulty at times finding rooms with roll-in showers; why anyone deems a bathtub accessible for a physically handicapped person I do not know. My daughter says it is cheaper to install a tub vs. a roll-in shower.
Good Luck

We also have difficulty finding an accessible room with any type of suitable bedding. We’ve been offered a rollaway bed as an option or “just sleep on the pull-out sofa”!! Have not found ONE hotel chain that understands the true needs of someone in a wheelchair. We did hear from someone on this feed about an adjustable bed rest that helps significantly if one cannot sit up without the benefit of a hospital bed. We purchased the adjustable bed rest on Amazon. Made the sleeper sofa a better option. Good luck and keep us posted!!


Can you share the name of the adjustable bed rest and where you purchased it?

Purchased on Amazon. I believe $103 with armrests.
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Actually, there is 1 hotel with a queen size hi-low flex-a-bed with bed rails the Key West Hyatt Centric. (I purchased the bed and had it shipped ahead of a 3 month stay). Otherwise, I have never found a hotel with adjustable beds. However, if you are staying longer than a few nights You may be able to rent a adjustable bed from a local DME and arrange for the hotel to remove the stock bed. Pro Tip: Hotels typically only have queen and king size beds, so if you can rent a bed in that size You can use the Hotels mattress & sheets and just rent the Adjustable bed base.