Advice and resources for England and Scotland?

From a member of our community:

Hello! I am a college senior planning a study abroad trip to England and Scotland next January. I have cerebral palsy, use a power wheelchair to get around, and rely on 24-7 assistance from personal care attendants. I am wondering if any fellow wheelchair-users within this organization’s networks who have traveled to these countries have any advice regarding accessibility, transportation, and/or general travel tips (I will primarily be in England). I also will be looking to rent a power chair once I get to England, so I would gladly take any tips on rental options. Additionally, I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has experience with hiring and/or paying PCAs while abroad. Thank you, and I look forward to connecting with other travelers!

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Hi, I have spent considerable time in the :uk: UK. But I was not in a wheelchair. I dont really have any pertinent advice or info except to suggest you get as narrow of a power lift chair as possible. My experience in the UK was that most of the locations I wanted to visit were NOT easily accessible. I went to restaurants, museums, etc none of which had accessibility features. I hope your trip goes beautifully but be prepared for the fact that the vast majority of buildings are old and not adaptable for those of us with specialized needs. Be well.

When I went to London, first thing I noticed NO mobility devices! The UK does Not have the same ADA requirements as the US, 99% of all the locations had no ramps, I also noticed the space between the Train and platform was not nice. When I mistakenly asked the question, I was blatantly told we dont have Sick, Lame Or Lazy here. So my advice is be prepared. Good luck, loved my trip but it was more challenging that expected.