Advice for Dublin work trip?


From a member of our community:

I am assisting in the planning of a working trip to Dublin in early June. The gentleman who is attending the trip, whom I am helping plan for, is in a wheelchair and has limited movement. Does anyone have advice to help plan this trip?

Many thanks (from Australia)


Greetings, I am Jennifer. I’m not a professional trip planner but I’ve had a little bit of experience in planning trips. I am currently putting together mobility challenged travel trips myself.
So, I’m going to tell you how I would approach it and hopefully you’ll get some help out of my reply.
*First, your going to want to find out how physically challenged your Co worker is… By this I mean, do they use adaptive devices of any sort, wheelchair, walker, cane etc.? Do they need a handicap accessible bathroom with roll in chair or can they use a regular bath with grab bars? Do they need to be located near an elevator?
Do they drive or use public transportation to and from work and in general.
Do they use a guide animal?
These are the types of things I take into consideration when planning my trips.
*Next, your going to want to do a little research online or by phone to find a hotel or place for them to stay that meets their needs.
*Is the location of the businesses where they will be working accessable as well? Do they have public transit? In the United States we have Ubers and Lyft both are public transportation that you call and order a ride and they come pick you up. It’s nicer than a Taxi and you don’t have to flag or chase it down.
*Once you have answered these questions it’s a matter of making reservations.
*As for getting to Dublin… I’m assuming your going to need Airlines reservations. I don’t know what airlines you have over there so I can’t help you with that one. But, sometimes other members of our group can answer questions too. Especially if they have been there or live there. So, you might ask specific questions.

I don’t know how much this helped but hopefully it will help you to get started on the planning. Good Luck and God Bless You.