Advice for scooters when visiting Disney or Universal in Orlando


Hi, I’m wondering if you have any recommendations on scooters when visiting Disney or Universal in Orlando. My wife has MS and can walk only sort distances. We were trying to avoid taking a wheel chair on the plane. Everything I read is that they are available but I question how long they last and getting them into a rental car. Any info or recommendations you could give would be a big help. Thank you

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I’m an amputee and when we went to Disney in California they have both scooters and wheelchairs to rent there for the day. If I remember correctly it’s $50-$75 per day for a scooter. We didn’t use the wheelchair. I know that there are companies that you can rent chairs for the week from as well. I saw several people have those.
If you need it outside of the park you may want to get a rental that has the ability to put one in. Otherwise when I’ve been to bigger cities Uber’s do have accessible vehicles.


The last time we were there they were (scooters) right by the front to rent. I took my own chair(power) as I am use to it.


This was a big help for me.


You can rent them at the parks. When you go make sure you stay in the lane with the blue line as that is the only way to get to the handicap parking lots.


I have been to Disney World several times since I began using a scooter. On two occasions I rented a scooter in Orlando and once I drove so I took my own. When renting I used a scooter rental place that delivered the scooter to our property rental agent’s office and then picked it up from there. I know that Disney has scouters for rent but you cannot reserve one and I didn’t want to take a chance on them having one available. It would be my luck they had 100 and I’m 101st to show up. I’m sorry but I cannot remember name of either scooter rental place but there are many available in Orlando. I would Google Orlando handicap scooter rentals. Request delivery/pick up as part of rental package. I will say that the Disney parks were great in assisting me in my scooter. They helped load it on/off monorail, various other transportation options as well. For example, in the Animal Kingdom we took the tour which is like on an old bus but they loaded scooter and me no problem. Train in MK easy. Whatever, wherever, the cast members were super. If a ride started one place but ended another then my scooter was waiting on me when I exited ride. Used to to let handicapped at front of line buy seems some folks rented scooters or wheelchairs to get first in line so that stopped. I found Disney much more handicapped friendly than Sea World.


Renting from an outside vendor allows you to have use of the scooter around your resort and to/from the bus drop off points and park entrances (Hollywood Studios had a VERY long walk in September due to the Star Wars construction). Also, you are guaranteed to have a scooter since the Disney scooters are available on a first come first served basis and can sell out on busy days. Not to mention the cost savings of weekly rental versus daily park rental.
I can personally recommend Gold Mobility. I had an excellent experience renting from them. They are a newer company with lower prices than the companies that advertise on DISboards. The price also included some nice extras that the other companies charge for such as a fan, USB port for charging my phone, crutches holder, rain covers, and other options that I didn’t personally use. What I liked best since I had never used a scooter before our trip was that a company rep delivered the scooter directly to me and took the time to make sure I understood how everything worked rather than just dropping it off with bell services. They also came back and picked up the scooter which gave me peace of mind after hearing of others having issues with leaving their scooter with bell services then having the scooter company claim the scooter was damaged or never returned at all!


When visiting the Orlando area I have used Walker Mobility 4 or 5 times. You asked about a scooter fitting in a car and they have one that breaks down into I believe 5 pieces and it fit in the back of my daughter’s Little hatchback Nissian Versa Note. As others have stated the benefits of renting from an outside vender are knowing you will have one any time you want to go and any where you want to go and the price per day decreases the longer you keep it. Good Luck and enjoy your visit!


I second Gold Mobility. I paid $179 for the week and got running lights, USB port, a fan, and best of all was a shade. It was the first time I ever rented a scooter and all my relatives were super jealous of the shade and comfort the scooter provided. Getting it in and out of the rental vehicle was done by my youngest who is strong but it looked heavy. The weights are listed on the website. I never ran out of battery. I charged it every night in my room at Port Orleans resort which was super accessible. I took myself down to the river and took the boat cruise to Disney Springs. Unless you need 4 wheels I’d go with the 3 wheel model it has much better maneuverability. Gold Mobility also had the peppiest scooters. Nick, the representative was very responsive and they were delivering 24 hours a day too! Their prices were competitive and their scooters fit on every Disney transportation. I would rent with them in a heartbeat. I wish they were available outside Disneyland!


Go to guest services and ask for disability fast passes. I know that Disney does this not sure about the other parks.