Affordable lightweight folding power chair

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I’m looking for a reasonable priced folding power chair that’s lightweight and would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you

I absolutely love my Airhawk. It folds in three seconds. It has two batteries in case one is depleted while out and about. I’ve never depleted a battery, though. The charge lasts for miles. It is FAA cleared for traveling. I can easily get it in and out of my van by myself if I don’t fold it up. However, if I’m trying to get it in the back of our SUV, I have to have help lifting. Honestly, the only thing I don’t like about it is the name being printed on it. I don’t know why that bugs me.

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How much did you pay and where did you get it from

I too have an Air Hawk which weighs 40 pounds without the batteries and 50 with the 2 removable chargeable batteries. I have taken it on airplanes and cruise ships. Everywhere I have been with it, I get comments and questions asked because of its size and mobility You can get details by searching for Air Hawk or call 1 866 868-9694. Good Luck


Sorry about that, I forgot to mention I just accessed their website, and it is currently listed at 1987.

I have a Transformer. Paid about $2.4 K plus tax. Absolutely love it. Bought it at All Star Medical in Franklin, TN. The only downside is I need a basket for the front. Made by Solax. Reliable and easy to use.

I have a Ranger Royce, and I love it! Folds super easily, weighs about 50 lbs, FAA compliant. I get compliments and questions about it all the time.

Hey everyone, It’s Pinky :fairy: again; one of your Forum Moderator’s. I was just giggling because as much as I usually love to have good suggestion for people; this one I am struggling with. Day-to-day I use a manual wheelchair; but when I am at my cabin at a big adult campground, I kinda went the opposite way. (Can’t a girl want some power after using a manual chair all the time? LOL)

(Just wanted to share my giggle… but I promise I will start asking around what type my friends use for you.)

Thank you everyone for sharing your suggestions.

Keep on rollin’ everyone!,


My husband has a Majestic ComfyGo I-7000 remote controlled electric wheelchair, which he has only had about 2 months. We love the power folding ability, but since I’m the one who has to lift it into the vehicle, I wouldn’t exactly call it lightweight - 67 lbs with the battery, 60 lbs without. We are currently waiting to purchase a GoLite Portable Mini Lift for another $1,000 to that I can get it into and out of the car, but am waiting for them to arrive at the dealer. As a 71 year old woman I don’t think I could lift any of the lightweight models, even the 40 lb ones without some type of lift. But we do love this chair, and it does great in the airport, and we had no problem with the airline personnel putting it in the plane.

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Hello All!

I have the VISTA from Travel Buggy. I absolutely love it! Southwest Airlines broke it on my last flight BUT THEY ARE REPLACING IT. Unfortunately, it seemed like everyone is behind.


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Have had the EzLite Cruiser for about 8 years. I had to get a larger model due to my size but have had zero issues with it all these years. None. Zero. It is not lightweight again because I got the deluxe size with larger all terrain wheels, about 70lbs but my wife can fold it, and lift it into the SUV using her tricks. Back then it was about $2400. I imagine is has gone up in price. Accessories and parts are available and they always seem to make improvements on it. Things like arm rest and kick stand did wear out but that was just simply from use. Great Customer Service and there are plenty of You Tube videos that explain things. We’ve flown with it without issues, though the airline broke the kickstand, and replaced it. Cruised with it no problems. We’ve toured cities and gone on gravel walking trails. It goes about 5-6 mph making my wife jog to keep up with me. Takes no time to charge it. I have not had to replace the battery in all these years!


Fantastic. love that.