Affordable lightweight folding power chair

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I’m looking for a reasonable priced folding power chair that’s lightweight and would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

Thank you

I absolutely love my Airhawk. It folds in three seconds. It has two batteries in case one is depleted while out and about. I’ve never depleted a battery, though. The charge lasts for miles. It is FAA cleared for traveling. I can easily get it in and out of my van by myself if I don’t fold it up. However, if I’m trying to get it in the back of our SUV, I have to have help lifting. Honestly, the only thing I don’t like about it is the name being printed on it. I don’t know why that bugs me.

How much did you pay and where did you get it from

I too have an Air Hawk which weighs 40 pounds without the batteries and 50 with the 2 removable chargeable batteries. I have taken it on airplanes and cruise ships. Everywhere I have been with it, I get comments and questions asked because of its size and mobility You can get details by searching for Air Hawk or call 1 866 868-9694. Good Luck

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Sorry about that, I forgot to mention I just accessed their website, and it is currently listed at 1987.

I have a Transformer. Paid about $2.4 K plus tax. Absolutely love it. Bought it at All Star Medical in Franklin, TN. The only downside is I need a basket for the front. Made by Solax. Reliable and easy to use.

I have a Ranger Royce, and I love it! Folds super easily, weighs about 50 lbs, FAA compliant. I get compliments and questions about it all the time.