Air Travel and Bathroom Coordination

From a community member:

I live in Mexico City and have had multiple sclerosis since 2000. I love to travel and I used to do it every year; 1 long trip (20 to 25 days). Unfortunately, Covid and the progression in my condition left me with mobility problems. I have very little leg strength and problems using a bathroom (I need bathroom rise and bars).

I would love to travel again but can’t figure out how to be in an airplane and all the time it involves in airports without using a bathroom. The option of using diapers during a flight scares me because of getting a rash and the difficulty of being clean.

In your experience, how can I travel for a 10 or 12 hr flight?

Thank you very much for your advice.

Have you talked to your doctor about the use of indwelling catheter just for the flight

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Many of the long-distance flights have onboard wheelchairs to get you to the bathroom. At least US airlines have them and others may also. The bigger planes also have an allegedly accessible bathroom. (To me it is very small) The flight attendants will take you to the bathroom but will not help you in the bathroom.

Catheter is what I use.

Unfortunately the airlines have all reduced the sizes of their bathrooms to the point that they are unusable by much of the handicapped community. We just do not matter to them. How they are able to flaunt the ADA requirements I do not know. Maybe we need a class action lawsuit to force them to have at least one ADA accessible bathroom on each plane.
Use the diaper and carry a couple of spares in a carryon bag for when you land. At least most airports now have a number of family/handicapped accessible bathrooms that are large enough to use.