Air travel code for intellectual or developmental disabilities

We’re using the code from this post on our trip and already we’re going to have help as soon as we get to the airport. I’m excited to see how it goes now some airlines call it different names so please get specific and let them know that someone is traveling with these disabilities. I’m a Blind mom with a child on the spectrum and she has IDD which stands for intellectually delayed disabilities my child functions between a three and a four-year-old level. Just an FYI In 2008, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) introduced a new code, “DPNA”, which stands for “disabled passenger with intellectual or developmental disability needing assistance”. You can use this code to book flights for passengers with autism, down syndrome, and so on hopefully this helps anyone out there who travels


This is wonderful, thank you for sharing! I assume that then signals they will assist you when you arrive at the airport and escort you throughout? Please share your experiences when you come back, we would love to hear about them!