Airbnb and VRBO

For those who use Airbnbs, etc., do you put your accessibility needs in your profile or do you mention it when you communicate with the owner of 5he property?

It’s not in my profile. I always message the host directly to ask more specific questions and ask for more detailed photos and measurements if necessary. There are lots of Airbnbs who say they are wheelchair accessible but they are definitely not. I don’t think there are any parameters in order for them Ots to declare themselves accessible. I’ve had hosts provide extra ramps and a shower chair after I stated our needs. They’ve also sometimes asked for feedback on how to make things more accessible which is good. I would recommend the website and Access the Best which showcases a bunch of Airbnb or VRBO properties that have great accessibility features.

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Yes. When I look at leasing private homes, condos, etc., I always check for accessibility and I put that in my search criteria. My family gathers together for Christmas holidays atvone location. My daughter is the one who makes our arrangements so she always makes sure there is at least one bedroom and accessible bath on the ground floor and that the house is accessible.


I communicate directly with the hosts through Air BnB. We once rented a home where the host said there was one small step to access the home and there was an outdoor concrete staircase! Because I had a record of our conversation, I was able to get a refund.