Airlines Pledge To Better Serve Travelers With Disabilities

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You can read the full article at this link on Disability Scoop.

In a joint statement, American, Delta, United and other major air carriers are committing to a series of new steps to improve travel for people with “mobility, cognitive and social disabilities.”

Seven of the nation’s passenger airlines are part of a new pledge organized through the industry trade group Airlines for America to increase accessibility in plane travel.


That’s good to hear. I’m still waiting for a response from southwest regarding my horrible experience traveling two months ago in wheel chair.

I think it’s easy for corporations to say “we will do better,” but if the message isn’t passed down to the actual workers on the front lines (flight attendants, baggage handlers, ticketing agents) we will just get more of the same. I would love to know what the “steps to improve” include. Insurance coverage for the wheelchairs you destroy and lose? Actual assistance in the cabin with overhead bins and underseat storage? Accountability for leaving passengers stranded at the gate during layovers?
I hope there is change coming and that this is not yet another bandaid on a very broken system.


my problem have always been all the question as to my chair being approved== usually an hour later same one that asked all the questions was because he happened been trained says ok

This statement may be in response to new DOT regs regarding storage of mobility devices on planes. We took a paper copy of the regs on AA flights recently, and in response, the crew stored my rollator in a closet in the cabin. First time my rollator breaks we’re not damaged on a flight.

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If you research this on-line you will see these kind of pledges have been made before. In my opinion they have proven to be just platitudes to keep the disabled community quiet.
It is also interesting to note not all commercial airlines have taken this pledge.
Airlines now have first class cabins with showers etc but somehow they say they can’t have spaces for wheelchairs and other accessible features like double bathrooms!
The time for pledges and platitudes is over - action is needed. You can help that happen.
The timing is the perfect storm - many are now talking about aircraft accessibility and United Airlines are about to decide on their replacement fleet.
Encourage them to do the right thing. Read and sign this petition: Petition · Accessible Air Travel For All ·