Airport hot spots and out of the way spots

Question from a member of our community:

I’m interested to find out accessibility information at and around airports in hot spots like Las Vegas, California, Florida… and also in more remote areas like Alaska and Wyoming

Last year we went to Vegas. One of my favorite things was to see Valley of Fire state park and Red Rock canyon. Even though both of these places are places people go hiking, you can see beautiful scenery. After going to Red Rock canyon, a great place to eat is Juans Flaming Fajitas if you like Mexican. Blueberry Hill is another great restaurant. We also enjoyed going to the mob museum which is close to Freemont street which is fun to stroll down. I also recommend going to the Bellajio hotel which has beautiful fountains and inside some beautiful gardens definitely worth the stroll through. The scecret gardens in the Mirage is also accessible and the dolpin show was good and it is fun to see the animals.

I agree that red rock canyon in Las Vegas was really wonderful. Also the San Francisco area although it?s hilly is really nice. I love fisherman?s wharf and Mirwood?s and Yosemite national park is about four hours from here and his wheelchair accessible on some trails. Alaska to Juneau area and Ketchikan area have some really neat wheelchair accessible things to do like whale watching tours in Juneau and Ketchikan I think it?s called creek street is pretty cool.

Hi, this is Pinky :fairy:, one of the Forum Moderators here at AccessibleGo. So sorry it has taken me so long to respond back to your post. I wanted to be of help with at least getting you some information for the Airport Accessibility :flight_arrival: in Las Vegas, California, Florida, Alaska and Wyoming. Since there are so many smaller and regional airports in California and Florida, I just went with the bigger airports for now; but I am happy to get you the information for them too.

I would also recommend once your ticket is booked, to also contact the airline Special Services/Accessibility office, to make sure to set up any airport or flight needs you may have. The airlines will actually make the arrangements with the individual airports 3rd party assistance services for help inside the airports and will make sure any needed flight equipment is loaded on the plane for your trip (aisle chairs, extra straps, etc…). Then I always recommend re-calling the airline 7 days before your trip to confirm all :calling:arrangements have been made; just to be safe. Better safe than sorry. They will also let you know whatever you need to do with your chair, to pre-prepare for the flight.

Ok, on to the airports:

***** Las Vegas :slot_machine: - [Harry Reid Airport] (Special Assistance at Harry Reid International Airport)

California -




Now if I had a vote in all this list, I would probably say Miami :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:; just because its my hometown and I know they have added so many accessible features at the beaches in Miami Beach (beach wheelchairs to borrow for free, beach mats for getting across sand, even special assisted ocean swim days for those needing help). But I know its very crowded and not everyone’s taste. If I had a second fantasy choice, I say try San Diego. They are a very progressive city when it comes to making most activities accessible to all. (Just bring your power chair or power assist in California; those hills whoaaaaaaa)

If I missed an airport you are looking for (more regional), let me know and I will see what I can find for you? Just remember, most of the airlines special assistive services offices will make all the arrangements for your airport and flight needs after contacting and filling out their forms (once you purchase your tickets). They will also make sure to handle any connecting and arriving airports while in route. The only thing they don’t help with is making your transportation arrangements upon arriving; so make sure you make those arrangements yourself ahead of time. :taxi:

Sorry again for the delay in getting back to you. I hope this helps some with what you need? If you need the contacts for “Special Services” for a specific airline, let me know and I will post back for you? I know all our FABULOUS :genie:members here on the Forum are going to help give you more local suggestions for the hot spots, just bare with; it takes people some time to see the posts on the site and respond. If you narrow down to a specific city you want to visit, let us know and we can get you more specific accessibility info for the local hot spots. :hotsprings:

  • Have a great trip. :flight_departure:

  • Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:

  • -Russell :kissing_heart: