Airport to Hotel Transportation - Reno

From a community member:

My husband & I need a ride from Reno airport to Boomtown. (The hotel does not have a shuttle service.)

Flight arrives at 1:30 pm on Monday, September 5th.

I have a 4-wheel walker. My husband has COPD with an oxygen machine, but only uses it at night or in extreme heat.

Tyvm for your help.

Reno Sparks Cab Company 775-333-3333 have Handicap accessable vans, call them to make a reservation and request that type of service.


Hi, it’s Pinky :fairy:; one of the Forum Moderator’s. Wanted to see if I could be of any extra help with your Reno trip. Thank you so much Snooks for the Sparks Cab information; that was the same as I was going to share with them. Sadly, there seems to have been a consolidation in taxi companies in Reno the last few years. The three other companies I was going to send you, seem to have gone out of business (1 just links to Sparks site now).

However, I wanted to let you know that Uber is listing Reno still as one of the cities the Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle’s (WAVs). You can either make a reservation from the website or from the App if you have on your phone. Hopefully they are being honest about it still being there. We discovered the hard way that it was now gone in certain other major metro areas. (Unfortunately Lyft does not have WAVs in Reno area).

You should be fine in most taxi’s in Reno as it sounds like should be able to fit in a larger taxi (for the walker.

My apologies there isn’t any other ideas for transportation. Hopefully Sparks will work out for you. Let us know if there is anything else you need help with for the trip and we will do our best.

Have a great trip,
Pinky :fairy: