All Abilities Group Cruises


If there is an interest in group travel, especially cruises,

“There is Strength in Working Together”


_interested_keep me informed


You got it! You’re on the Interest List!


Yes but it will depend on port of departure and cost. It is a great idea.


Yes, that’s true! That is why you can state your needs and wants on the Interest list, like best departure ports and even price range for you.
Thanks for appreciating the idea!


I’m interested depending on the Cruise line and Departure Port.
Also, weather or not they have a payment plan. I know both Carnival and NCL have Easy Pay monthly payment plans.
Please keep me posted.
My friend and I are looking to sail out of Galveston, TX. On the Carnival Freedom in or about April of 2020.


You’re OnThe List!
I’ve been on the Carnival Freedom, great Ship, and I’m heading to Galveston for a cruise on Sunday with Royal Caribbean!
I will keep you posted!
I’m also blogging the Royal Cruise on accessibleGo.


Add me to the list please


Welcome! You’re On the List! :):blush:


Also interested if there is something happening soon :slight_smile:


Next one is November 10, 2019.
I’ll keep you posted if a trip pops up!