Amazing Shower-Commode Chairs for Travel

Hi everyone! It’s Pinky :fairy:, one of your Forum Moderators here at AccessibleGo.

I’m not one to be a big product pusher, but I was reading a copy of NewMobility (free magazine from United Spinal) in the car today and saw something that made my eyes pop out. Now I know you are all going to tell me I am the last one on the planet to know about these, but there has to be at least 1 or 2 others who haven’t, right? Lets just pretend there is and I promise try and stay more on top of the cool gear releases.

Have you by chance heard of the Go-Anywhere Chairs? :seat: They make some of the coolest shower and commode chairs that I think are Fabulous! Especially the Go-Anywhere Commode, Shower 'n Tub Chair that would help you convert any bathtub when you travel to being accessible (ok… minus the missing support bars and wide doorways), But if you happen to only need to solve the shower and commode part when traveling, you really should check this out. Plus it even has a great little suitcase you can get to fold it into for travel; and don’t forget that almost all airlines will fly any of your needed medical/accessibility luggage for FREE. (check ahead because some airline ask you to inform them ahead of time of how many bags you will check and some just wait till you arrive at airport.)

If you check out the webpage, you will notice they make several different designs based on what your needs might be; but it looks like they all will fold up into that same size travel bag :briefcase:, which is amazing. Now I know the prices may look a little scary, but they do provide some links to ways to help with funding if your insurance does not cover it. However, they are a Canadian :canada: company and not all of the funding suggestions will be applicable if you don’t live there (but they don’t all say you have to be Canadian to apply either). There are lots of programs you can find online in the United States and other countries to help as well.

If your insurance covers “Durable Medical Goods”, just make sure your doctor writes you a prescription that specifically lists the brand and model name of the chair you want on it; and that you specifically need that exact chair, no replacements. Then you usually submit the script to your insurance companies’ durable goods office and they try and find a vendor they already use (3rd party), to order the chair for you. If they can’t find one their vendors who can buy it, they may tell you to just purchase and submit receipt for reimbursement. It sounds like a tedious process, but usually they have a time limit to try and find; so have faith. Follow up with them if its been a couple of weeks; they may have just forgotten to call you back. :calling:

Thank you everyone for listening to my pitch for the chairs :pray:, I promise I won’t do this very often unless I see something that I truly believe would making travel easier for everyone. You know me, I just want everyone to get out and see the world; even if it takes a bit of extra effort to travel.

Please…if anyone has any of the chairs from this company, share with us on the forum what you think and how/if they made your travel any easier?
Or if you also know of good travel shower-commode chairs, tell us all what worked best for you?

Keep on traveling everyone; It’s our world too! :wheelchair: :earth_americas:
Pinky :kissing_heart:

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Thanks for sharing! Great to know!

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Thanks for finding me something I never thought I could find or think to ask about.
We are greater together. Thanks


Your so welcome. I am the same way, would not have even thought to ask till I saw it in the magazine. Let me know if you ever see any good gadgets or devices out there to make life easier. I am always open to trying out new stuff.

Have a great weekend,
Pinky :fairy:

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