Ambulette service

Why all the buses can’t be wheelchair accessible in this modern era.?

Where I live in North San Diego County, and in San Diego, all of our fleet are of the low floor variety, and have a ramp , even our trolley and trains have great wheelchair areas. Yet not all transit systems are there yet. You have the right to request for a lift.

I believe this is where most transportation systems are going towards. Early in the days of providing accessibility, the model of providing a specialty bus which picks you up at your location and drops you off at your destination was popular having to do with having entire fleets of busses that needed to be replaced. Most systems ordered accessible busses whenever they are buying new busses, which means in many systems today all busses are accessible. Those systems who are fully accessible are now phasing out their specialty bus that does door to door service. This has become a slow process as it hard to remove a service that people have become used to and some people depend on entirely.

yes, i hope so with the passage of time all the buses will be wheelchair accessible.

The way you explained, i think door to door services are the best one for handicapped people.