Amputee Going to Thailand

Howdy Family!

i’m Mr. Q, an LBKA since 2018, based in Twentynine Palms, CA. I’m in the midst of planning a trip to Thailand with my wife and 9 yr old son. Never been, and would appreciate connecting with travellers that have spent time in the Land of Smiles.

I will be leaving in late June and plan on basing out of Hua Hin for about 3 months.

Drop your favorite eateries, condos, hotels, activities and attractions.


Hi Eric! How exciting. I’ve been to Thailand once, and it was one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. I visited Bangkok, Changmai, and Phuket. I enjoyed all 3 so much as each was so different - city, mountains, and the beach. The trip was in 2019, so I’ll put below the things I remember!

Bangkok: I don’t remember where we stayed, but it was a wonderful hotel. We took the river taxi to get around. The highlights were definitely going to a cat cafe and getting very cheap Thai massages! And visiting the temples!

Changmai: We visited an elephant sanctuary where we were able to pet and ride elephants. And we did a wonderful cooking class at Siam Rice Cooking School, which was an amazing experience and good for all cooking levels. We had the BEST pad thai here - a place that was $3 per plate. Lemongrass

Phuket: I remember visiting the beach a ton, drinking the best mango smoothies, and eating at the night markets each night. We also did a kayaking tour to the James Bond Island which was beautiful.

We used TukTuks to get around quite a bit, which was fun! I can try to dig up more specific names of what I did if there’s something here that peaks your interest. We did a ton of research before we went. I am an ambulatory wheelchair user and don’t remember all of the details of accessibility. I know there were definitely quite a few hills in Changmai as its more of a mountain town.

Have a wonderful trip!!


Thanks for taking the time to share with me details of your trip. I plan on visiting each of those destinations and intend to see a lot more, as i will be there for a while.

Please follow my journey, as I will be posting pics and updates on the page.