Amtrak and Epilepsy


I want to travel with amtrak and I have Epilepsy. Does anyone have advice or tips for me?
Thanks in advance.


Hi, being handicapped and sometimes unable to walk, totally unable to carry most things, i have tried going via Amtrak many times. Until i just couldnt take their total lack of professionalism, training, responsibility, compassion or caring. They are by and large the rudest organization ive ever delt with. I ended up having to make alternate plans for my luggage (one large duffle in wheels) because they refused to check it and there was no way i could maneuver with it being barely able to walk. It was not a good night and ended up costing me over a hundred extra dollars to get my luggage from Salt Lake City to Portland Oregon…
In other words, good luck.


I too would love to travel by Amtrak. They have told me that they can’t guarantee accessible cars for the duration of the trip. They swap out cars all the time. If anyone knows different, I would love to know.