Amtrak Train Travel

Has anyone experienced accessible train travel on Amtrak? I understand that overnight accessible sleeping cars are available. Any travel tips or insights would be appreciated. Looking to take The Empire builder train to Sand Point Idaho.

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I have traveled across the country 3 times on Amtrak in an accessible sleeper. The Empire Builder accessible room is the width of the car with facing seats in one side and a toilet and sink on the other. At night the seats lay down to form a bed the 2nd bed comes down from the sealing. Meals are included in the price and are delivered to the room if you are unable to walk to the dining car.
If you are able to transfer to the seat you have a better view than staying in a w/c.
The shower would not be considered accessible unless you are able to take a step or two.
Booked as accessible sleeper with companion there is a discount.
Amtrak requires proof that the accessible room needed .
Attached is a link to Amtrak accessible features


I to would be interested in that information. The last time inquired, they could not guarantee accessible cars the whole trip.

Wife has traveled a few times on the trains Seattle to LA. Rooms are ok, ramps for on off. Problem is (10yrs ago) the dining cars and entertainment cars were not accessible. Basically she was stuck in her room for the duration.

We went from Sacramento CA to Baltimore MD last year. I use a Pride Go chair powerchair/and a walker to get around. The accessible rooms were on the lower level. The room from Chicago eastward was a better room because of size. Both fit our needs as far as the bathrooms were in our cabins. Meals were delivered, staff all along the trip were amazing. Scenery is not always the best part of cities but seeing the USA as the rails go by state to state across the US was a fun experience and great learning experience.

itโ€™s been a while since I rode, but Iโ€™ll affirm the above; the room is well-done but you canโ€™t get to the other cars, and a good car attendant will check frequently to see what you need.