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Any Amtrak Train information from New York City to Orlando, Florida for a wheelchair user and companion Any information or experiences are welcomed not just from NYC to Florida

Any tips, suggestions or information on how to book a disabled trip on Amtrak Trains? Their website is like a maze and I also understand their is a disability discount, anyone know how to apply it to your booking? The representative wasn’t very helpful and I didn’t see where they have a dedicated disability office telephone number to contact with questions, offers, reservations and discounts for the disabled. I have not taken the Amtrak train before or after my accident so I have no knowledge of what the ride would be, how to get wheelchair assistance, reserve meals, ask specific questions about my disabilities and any tips on how to save money traveling from New York to Florida. I think I have to change trains in one or two states and I just want to make sure everyone at each station is aware I need help, and is their a way to book the tickets maybe separate or together that would be cheaper. The prices I’ve seen have been very high and I just need guidance. Even bad experiences would be welcomed, I would like to hear about them because then I would know some things to look out for or avoid. Thank guys

I checked out Amtrak a few years ago and the answer I got was that there is no guarantee that when they change train cars that you will have a handicapped car or able to get back on ad there may not be a lift. I was going to North Carolina from Holland Michigan. They are helpful and their customer service was weak.

Thanks for the reply and that’s the vibe I got when I called, very iffy. It is scary to think I may have to change trains up to 3 to 4 times and their will be no help for me at one or more of the stations.

I did not take the chance. We are in a wheelchair.

Wow, it might not be an option for me either. My husband’s mother is in hospice dying from cancer and I’m trying to secure transportation to Florida, without flying, and thought the train would be an option because my husband would be too emotionally grieved to drive that distance. I really don’t know what else I can do to get to Florida during this pandemic because my immune system is severely compromised. Thanks again for your reply